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Coach Bus Rental in Orlando

Hourly Rate $175/Hour    Passengers 56 Passengers    Luggage 56 Luggage
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The Coach Bus in Broadway Limousine’s fleet, which can comfortably seat 54 passengers, is a prime choice for large group transportation needs across various services. This vehicle accommodates groups for corporate conventions, sporting events, school or college transportation, and large-scale weddings. The Coach Bus offers spacious seating, ensuring that each passenger enjoys a comfortable ride, making it perfect for longer journeys or tours around the city. Equipped with climate control, an advanced audio-visual system, and ample storage for luggage, it provides both convenience and comfort. The Coach Bus is designed to cater to the logistics of group transportation without compromising on the comfort of the passengers, making it an excellent option for ensuring everyone arrives at their destination together and is ready for the event. Whether it’s a shuttle service to a concert or a roadshow transportation need, the Coach Bus is a reliable and comfortable mode of transportation for larger groups.


  • 54-Passenger Seating Capacity: Ample room to comfortably seat many passengers.
  • Spacious and Luxurious Interior: Offers a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for long journeys.
  • Ideal for Corporate and Large Group Events: Perfect for transporting attendees to corporate functions, conventions, and sporting events.
  • Optimal for Hotel and Resort Shuttle Services: Provides a convenient and stylish way for guests to travel.
  • Premium Sound and Entertainment System: Keeps passengers entertained during travel.
  • Reclining Seats with Ample Legroom: Enhances comfort, allowing passengers to relax.
  • Safety Features and Reliability: Prioritizes passenger safety with advanced technology.

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