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Orlando Private City Tours Service

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Orlando boasts far more than iconic theme parks. Its vibrant neighborhoods, historical sites like the Harry P. Leu Gardens, and diverse culinary scene await discovery. Experience the city’s unique charm with our Orlando Private City Tours, led by knowledgeable chauffeurs who will unveil Orlando’s best-kept secrets.


Personalized Exploration with Our Private City Tours in Orlando

Every corner of Orlando has a story waiting to be discovered. Our private city tours cater to your unique interests, whether exploring the artistic Mills 50 District, delving into history at the Orange County Regional History Center, or enjoying a gourmet meal at The BOATHOUSE. With our Private City Tours in Orlando, you uncover the city’s treasures on your terms.


A Fleet to Suit Every Adventure

Our extensive fleet accommodates any group size for these exploratory journeys. Choose the cozy Cadillac Escalade for intimate family tours or the capacious Party Bus for larger groups of friends ready to experience Orlando’s nightlife. For a touch of luxury, our sleek Mercedes Sprinter Limos provide a premium touring experience.


Your Orlando, Your Way

Our chauffeurs are more than just drivers – they’re your Orlando insiders. They’ll take you off the beaten path, recommend hidden cafes beloved by locals, and offer insights that guidebooks won’t tell you. Consider your luxury vehicle your mobile lounge as you move between handpicked destinations.

Ditch the crowded tour buses and create an itinerary that speaks to your interests! History buff? Explore downtown Orlando’s landmarks in a sleek Cadillac Escalade. Art lover? We’ll take you on a gallery hop through the trendy Mills 50 District. Foodie? Let’s embark on a culinary adventure through Winter Park!


Let the City Unfold Before You

Relax and soak in the sights while your chauffeur handles the navigation. With our private tours, Orlando is your playground! Snap photos at Lake Eola Park, indulge in unique boutiques along Park Avenue and experience the city’s vibrant energy at your own pace.

Orlando’s attractions are diverse. Immerse yourself in the magic of the Harry P. Leu Gardens, or marvel at the modern art displayed at the Orlando Museum of Art. Are you planning a special evening? Our service includes transportation to upscale dining destinations like Victoria & Albert’s. Your private tour is customized to include all the sites and experiences you desire.


Discover the Real Orlando with Broadway Limousine

When planning your exploration of Orlando, let Broadway Limousine be your guide with our Orlando Private City Tours. For a journey tailored to your interests, contact us at +1 888-811-3299 or We promise a personalized, luxurious, and insightful tour of Orlando, ensuring every moment of your journey is as captivating as the destinations you visit.

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